Two brands adapted to meet all needs:

We have created two different brands of our wines to satisfy every need of our customers and consumers.

Both brands share a common message: to bring to everyone’s table the enological value of our territory – antique, daring, welcoming…Emilia Romagna.

Dalfiume Nobilvini wines represent the excellence of Made in Italy in a dialogue between territory, tradition, and sustainability. They are versatile, coherent and pleasantly complex.

They narrate the pleasure of conviviality and generosity of a table serving the authentic flavors of our region. They are distributed via all the distribution channels.

The wine brand Villa Poggiolo is dedicated to the important life moments you want to remember, to selected aperitifs, to high-ranking dinners, to those who want to give a precious gift or to those who simply love to sip wine and listen to its story.

The elegance and refinement of Villa Poggiolo wines are is the result of our care and passion lavished season after season, year after year in the family estate Tenuta Poggiolo, where every single seedling is looked after and treated with the love for the vine.

Villa Poggiolo is the brand that accompanies the Dalfiume family to various events organized in the wine cellar and in the vineyard, always personally and warmly hosted by one of the Dalfiumes in a very familiar and serene atmosphere.

“Villa Poggiolo” line is targeted on those, who appreciate the value of the unique taste of limited production. These wines are dedicated only to the Horeca sector and specialized wine shops for the most demanding clients who seek excellence in wine.