It was in 1949 when Odoardo Dalfiume decided to turn his passion for wine into business, founding the Casa Vinicola Dalfiume in Bologna in Via Massarenti, just outside the Bolognese city walls.

The post-war period urged the entire country to be rebuilt while sharing a common desire for future growth and economic recovery. Dalfiume company was no different – the necessity to find better solutions caused that the wine cellar was moved to the not-so-far via Nadi in Bologna.
In the meantime, the twin sons Gianni and Franco have been called to help their parents since they were children and had grown up managing an increasingly structured company, which kept on expanding and acquiring more and more important market shares.

Not before long, the headquarters in via Nadi became too “small” for the dreams of Franco and Gianni, who in 1975 bought the Alberici Cleto winery in Castel San Pietro Terme.

This is the turning point.

In order to grow, the Dalfiume family returned home to their native land in Castel San Pietro Terme.
In the 80s, the company is renamed “Dalfiume & Alberici” and experiences the era of great development in which the company consolidates and strengthens its presence in both the internal and international markets.

These were the years when the company consolidated and strengthened its presence in both internal and international markets.
The 90s represented the time of cultural changes. The habits of Italian families changed and so did the awareness of a consumer. There was a rising demand for wine becoming a synonym of cultural excellence.

In 1991, when Franco saw a picturesque hill in Castel San Pietro, it was love at first sight. His dream to produce excellent wine expertly combining the integrity of the territory and respect for traditions became the dream of the entire family for generations to come.

“Tenuta Poggiolo”, the estate bought by Franco and Gianni, becomes the family winery as well as the territory of excellence: more than 70 hectares historically destined for winegrowing, where every single plant is taken care of with daily gestures of love and passion for the land and its fruits.

With the first estate harvests, the family dream of creating a supply chain comes to existence and launches the brand “Villa Poggiolo”.

“Villa Poggiolo” line is targeted on those, who appreciate the value of the unique taste of limited production. These wines are dedicated only to the Horeca sector and specialized wine shops for the most demanding clients who seek excellence in wine.
In the mid-90s, the Dalfiume family mourns and struggles with the painful loss of the beloved Franco.
And thus, the third generation represented by Franco’s and Gianni’s children, Davide and Silvia in their twenties, courageously took over their parents’ dream and with the help of Gianni take a leading role at the company.

This new era of important economic and social development brings once again great changes.
The core business of the Dalfiume family, which until then had widely supplied retail stores and restaurants, strengthens its position by entering into the mass retail channels and gaining further market shares.

Today, the third generation driven by the same passion as their grandfather Odoardo once had when he established the winery, follow the dream of Franco and Gianni with pride and determination: to bring the typicality and the most authentic aromas and flavors of our land, Emilia Romagna, to the table every day.

In order to ensure the qualitative growth of our products and maximum care of the vineyards and its terroir, we have collaborated with the best agronomic and oenological consultants over the years.
In a meantime, “Dalfiume Nobilvini”, which is the current corporate name, has sought to transform the best values of the welcoming and daring territory into a company and make it the heritage of all, ensured by constant technological innovation while respecting the environment in order to guarantee the best quality wines and services offered to customers.

The story continues…