Returning procedure is easy and immediate. You can return any product purchased on site, within 14 days from the date of delivery of your order through the On-Line procedure. To make a return you need to login in the personal area “My account”: once you have entered the “Orders” menu section, click on the “View” button to view the details of the order of interest. Proceed by clicking on “Refund” to request a refund for a single item or “Full order refund” to request a refund of the entire order. Enter the required data (IBAN or Paypal where to receive a refund) and click on “Submit” to complete the refund procedure. Once the request has been sent, proceed to return the items by respecting the following conditions.

Notice: returns cannot be accepted after 14 days you receive the goods. We reserve the right to reject returned items which were delayed in communicating or shipping, or not in the same delivered conditions. You will be liable for returning costs and possible loss or theft. Make sure the items are in the same condition in which you have received them, with all labels, tags or any other identification item. For shipment you will have to use original packaging. We will refund only items which fulfill the return conditions. If your returned item does not fulfill such requirements you may have it shipped back at your expenses.

You may ship the returning goods only from the country where you have purchased them.

The products purchased on the website may be returned within 14 days from receiving them. Upon receipt of your order from Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL, the sales contract is cancelled, and its relative obligations, rights or claims decay. However, in case the items are damaged or non-compliant with return conditions, Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL may compensate the damage by holding the payment of products made by customer.

Following conditions are necessary for return validity:

• Users who intend to return one or more items will have to send, within 14 (fourteen) days from receiving them, the return authorization request through the on-line procedure as above described;
• After completing the steps and entered the required data, the products will have to be returned to Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL, Via Madonnina, 3041 Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna 40024;
• The returned items will have to be in the same condition in which they were received: ie. they will not have to be worn or damaged;
• The identification tag of the item, like the single-use seal are an integral part of the purchased product. In case of return, therefore, these parts must remain attached to the product and not be tampered or removed;
• The item return will be accepted only if the item is in its original package. Together with garment all removable accessories will have to be included because they are considered as an integral part of the item;
• In case of missed delivery of returned parcel, Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL will require proof of consignment, ie. the airway bill signed by the courier person carrying the parcel. If the customer does not provide the airway bill, Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL will not be able to allow refund;
• After checking integrity of returned products, Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL will communicate to the customer through a confirmatory email that return procedure has been successfully completed and refund of returned items will be credited within following 30 (thirty) days. The amount will be redeemed through Paypal or bank transfer on the bank account that is required during the refund steps.
• Should the conditions above described not be respected during the refund steps, Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL will be unable to proceed with customer refund. It is however customer’s right to withdraw the merchandise at Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL warehouse, to be operated at customer’s expenses. In case the user does not require the withdrawal of the merchandise within 30 (thirty) days from the date on which it is communicated the unacceptance of return by Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL, Dalfiume Nobilvini SRL will be enabled to hold the items together with the amount paid during the purchase.