NobilSpritz the Italian aperitif
Your spritz ready to drink!



Sparkling of the wine according to the Charmat method followed by a completely natural aromatization.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Inspired by an evergreen among the Italian alcoholic aperitifs, Nobilspritz perfectly combines the fragrant notes of white and exotic fruit of sparkling wines, with those citrus and herbaceous notes of natural infused aromas. In the mouth it is fresh, soft with a pleasant bitter finish.

Food pairings

Ideal at any time of the day, it is an excellent aperitif and goes well with platters of mixed cold cuts, cheeses and savory snacks of all kinds.

How to serve

Pour Nobilspritz into a large type “tumbler” glass, add ice to taste and a slice of orange and your aperitif is ready.

To be consumed

Within two years from the lot number applied on the Stelvin cap. Example Lot reading L21018: L=lot, 21= year (2021), 018= number day of year (18/01/2021).
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Flavored wine-based drink

Alcohol content

7,5% vol

Area vineyards

Castel San Pietro Terme

Service temperature

5 – 7° C


0,75 L bottle with Stelvin cap


Contains Sulfites

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