The Albana, chosen by us for the Ballanzone, is definitely one of the most appropriate vine varieties for the appassimento method. Of crucial importance are the harvest phase and the placement of the clusters of grapes in the crates. Only the best clusters are used, intact and ripe, and they have to be placed without overlapping on one another. This will provide a correct and healthy appassimento process. The duration of this phase is usually around 2 months, at the end of which follow the pressing and the fermentation. The choice of the selected yeasts is very important because of the high concentration of sugar. The fermentation happens already inside the barrique, where the Ballanzone will age. Temperature control is not necessary because usually the fermentation is very slow and regular, and also the temperature control in the areas where the barrels are kept is more than enough to dissipate the heat. At the end of the fermentation phase, the wine gets submitted to a cycle of batonnage for about 4 months and then it’s left to age for additional 14 months in barrique, where it’ll develop aromas typical of a great straw wine.

Organoleptic properties

Straw yellow with shades of amber. Sweet flavour, full, velvety with hints of dry fruit and citrus. Sensual to the palate, makes you fall in love with it at the first sip.

Serving suggestions

The balanced sugar-alcohol ratio and pleasant flavour make it an excellent pairing with dry pastry but also with matured cheese and dry fruit.

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Area vineyards

Hills of Castel S.Pietro T. (BO)


8 years

Serving temperature

8-10° C


15 per hectare


0,50 liters


Contains Sulfites

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