Scrigno Spumante Extra Dry

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To produce this spumante extra dry we decided to use a very particular vinification method, combining the first fermentation with the second fermentation. The must produced by the soft pressing follows the normal procedures of static decantation for its cleaning and then it’s placed directly in the autoclaves for the fermentation. The fermentation, like for other white wines, is done at a controlled temperature of 15 °C with the help of special selected yeasts able to continue fermenting even if under pressure. When the sugar level is suitable for reaching 5.5 bar, the autoclave is shut and we proceed with the sparkling winemaking. After at least two months of ageing on noble lees follows the cold stabilization and the bottling ends the production cycle. This vinification process gives to Scrigno unique scents and aromas.

Organoleptic properties

Fine and brilliant perlage that donates volume and persistency to the mouth. Supple, fruity and fresh taste with a harmony between sugar and acidity that balances perfectly the slightly bitter taste typical of the Pignolo.

Serving suggestions

Great for celebrating for any occasion, excellent as an aperitif, it pairs very well with starters, with fish-based menus and white meat. Ideal for finger food too.


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Area vineyards

Hills of Castel S.Pietro T. (BO)


1 – 2 years

Serving temperature

7-9° C


110 per hectare

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