Pignoletto Dop
Pignoletto Frizzante



The freshly harvested grapes are destined to the vinification department where they are destemmed and the must is separated from the marc; then, the must is pumped into large vats where it ferments at a controlled temperature in order to preserve the typical smells and characteristics of the product. Then, the fermented wine is poured and separated from the sediment. The wine is micro-filtered before being bottled in order to guarantee maximum quality and stability to the product. The foam is collected naturally using the Charmat method over a period of 60 days in order to give the wine a fine and persistent perlage as well as a fresh and appetizing bouquet.

Organoleptic properties

Pale straw-yellow with green-ish hue; the smell is delicately rich and slightly aromatic. The flavor is dry, warm, and harmonious.

Serving suggestions

It is perfect as an aperitif wine; paired with starters, light courses, white meat, and fish dishes.
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200 – 220 q.li per hectare

Area vineyards

Bologna plaines


1 – 2 years

Serving temperature

8 – 10° C


0,75 liters. Also available in 20 liters barrels.


Contains Sulfites

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